Eat Sleep Launch Repeat


United States | Mar 2020 - Present

Nick's Work at Eat Sleep Launch Repeat

Born from my experiences at global giants like Uber and Lime, Eat Sleep Launch Repeat was founded with a vision to equip early startups for resilience during global uncertainties:

Strategic Advisor

Leveraged my expertise to assist over 30 nascent companies between Pre-Seed and Series B stages, tailoring strategies for growth amidst challenges.

Operational Excellence

Transformed companies by developing comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures, enabling seamless scalability while retaining quality standards.

Conflict Resolution

Bridged communication gaps within founding teams, facilitating productive dialogues, identifying equitable solutions, and realigning focus towards business growth.

Marketplace Launchpad

Spearheaded the successful launch and scaling of two marketplaces, achieving milestone growth with each surpassing their first 1,000 users.

Agency Creation

Augmented Eat Sleep Launch Repeat's impact through the inception of an agency model. This new arm expanded our talent pool, ensuring versatile problem-solving capabilities to address a wider spectrum of business challenges.