Flight Club

Co-Founder & President

New Orleans, Louisiana | Oct 2019 - Present

Nick's Work at Flight Club

In the heart of New Orleans, I co-founded Flight Club, an innovative aviation marketplace designed to revolutionize the way individuals access flight training. Our mission was simple: break the mold and provide a flexible, efficient solution for aspiring pilots. Here's a closer look at our journey and achievements:

Redefining Aviation

Conceived and launched Flight Club, a dynamic platform that connects Certified Flight Instructors with Student Pilots. By making airworthy airplanes accessible, we've provided an alternative to traditional, often costly flight schools, changing the way people think about and approach flight training.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Demonstrated remarkable adaptability by successfully navigating the challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Despite the global crisis, we managed to turn a profit in our very first year, a testament to our team's dedication and strategic agility.

Growth & Profitability

Under my leadership, we're not just aiming for growth - we're achieving it. We're on track to double our sales compared to last year. More than that, we've established a business model that is self-funding, prioritizing profitability even as we scale, ensuring sustainability and long-term success.

A Strong Foundation

Recognizing that a company's strength lies in its team, I've been instrumental in assembling a robust founding team. With clearly defined departments and the necessary funding in place, we're well-positioned to achieve our ambitious goals and redefine the aviation landscape.