Freaky Foot Tours

Founder & CEO

Arizona, United States | Aug 2015 - Present

Nick's Work at Freaky Foot Tours

From a humble beginning, I founded Freaky Foot Tours with a modest investment of under $1,000. Today, it stands as a testament to entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and a dedication to promoting local culture:

Entrepreneurial Success

Initiated and established a thriving local tour agency that operates 10 months annually, delighting thousands of guests with unique experiences.

Fair Employment Practices

Committed to valuing talent, we offer the highest remuneration for tour guides in Arizona, ranking among the top in the U.S.

Digital Growth

Personally architected a dynamic website which, through continuous iteration, generates over 1,100 organic leads monthly.

Community Engagement

Championed local culture by sponsoring events and artists, reinforcing our connection with the community.

Brand Expansion

Launched 'Keep Flagstaff Freaky', an offshoot brand that boasts a line of popular sticker and clothing merchandise.

Stellar Reputation

Our commitment to quality is reflected in over 500 glowing reviews across Google, Viator, and Airbnb, boasting an impressive average of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Local Integration

Fostered close-knit collaborations with local businesses and government, making us an integral part of the local tourism fabric.

Media Appearance

Amplified our presence by featuring as a star guest on 'The Dead Files', a leading ghost investigation show, where I shared a personal eerie experience at the Hotel Monte Vista.