Expansion Expert

Flagstaff, Arizona | Oct 2021 - Dec 2022

Nick's Work at Sealed

At Sealed, a leading Climate Tech startup with a vision to revolutionize residential homes through decarbonization, I channeled my expertise to create avenues for growth and amplify brand presence:

Market Penetration

Within just 5 months of my tenure, I spearheaded the launch of our Chicago operations. This marked Sealed's first foray outside its long-established base in the New York area, setting a precedent for future expansions.

Continued Expansion

Building on the momentum from Chicago, I played an instrumental role in broadening Sealed's footprint into Wisconsin and Philadelphia, amplifying the company's reach.

Brand Amplification

Collaborated with a top-tier creative agency to conceptualize and execute the "Sealed House" event at the iconic American Dream Mall in New Jersey. This was Sealed's inaugural endeavor into large-scale branding events, and it resonated profoundly with our target audience.

Operational Synthesis

Emerged as the vital nexus across all company departments, aligning diverse teams to realize our ambitious expansion objectives. My cross-functional purview enabled me to identify and bridge operational inefficiencies, ensuring optimal resource allocation and workflow enhancement.

Impactful Contribution

My efforts directly translated into a staggering 250% surge in Sealed's Total Addressable Market. This was achieved not just through geographical expansions but also by enriching our product and service offerings.

Nick Jones Sealed
Nick Jones Sealed
Nick Jones Sealed
Nick Jones Sealed
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