City Coordinator

Northern and Western Arizona, Las Vegas | Jun 2015 - Apr 2016

Nick's Work at Uber

Stepping into the rapidly evolving world of ride-sharing, I took the helm as City Coordinator for Uber in both Northern and Western Arizona, as well as assisting with the Las Vegas launch. My primary responsibility was to launch and grow Uber’s presence in these territories, and here's a closer look at the key milestones achieved:

Groundbreaking Expansion

Led the pivotal launch of Uber in the regions of Northern and Western Arizona. From ideation to execution, I spearheaded multifaceted marketing campaigns targeting potential users and robust recruitment initiatives to onboard drivers, ensuring Uber's signature quality of service.

Innovative Driver Engagement

Recognizing the crucial role of our drivers in the company’s success, I initiated and managed one of Uber’s inaugural "driver office hours" programs. This fostered a deeper connection between the company and its drivers, addressing concerns, enhancing training, and promoting a sense of community.

Building From Zero

With a minimal support framework from the headquarters, I navigated the challenge of creating two-sided marketplaces from the ground up. My efforts centered on balancing demand and supply, ensuring both riders and drivers experienced the seamless and efficient service Uber is known for.

Nick Jones Black Rock Ranger
Nick Jones Black Rock Ranger
Nick Jones Black Rock Ranger
Nick Jones Black Rock Ranger
Nick Jones Black Rock Ranger
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